About Us


Marketing Communication Company with a strong presence and vast experience in the dynamics of the African market.

Hi-Lynks Communication Ltd is a Limited liability company and a Platinum (Pll27) member of the Advertising Association of Chana (AAC).

Hi -Lynks is an integrated Media company with inter­ ests in Creative Design and product ion, Digital media marketing, Airtime Sales on radio and television, Events management and Commercial production .

We have managed several clients deliverables across Africa.

Our Strategic drive is one of Knowledge Sharing, Ideas Creation and Innovative Thin king.

We provide a broad range of communication services with afocus on delivering measurable business results to clients

Our Vision

To Be Remembered As The Best Advertising

Company That Brought Science To The Art of Marketing

Our Mission

To Organize The World ‘s Best Media Contents And Make  It Universally Accessible And Useful To Our Clients